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ID pests before applying pesticides

UGA Cooperative Extension urges all Georgians to learn more about the safe use, storage and disposal of pesticides, which include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and more.

To reduce the unnecessary use of pesticides, remember that not every bug is a pest. Integrated pest management is a science-based decision-making process focused on controlling insects through biological, mechanical, cultural and chemical methods. The first step in the IPM process is pest identification. If an insect, weed or suspected plant disease causes trouble in your landscape or garden, bring a sample of the pest or email a photograph to your local UGA Extension office. Agents can identify the suspected pest and recommend low-risk treatment options, if treatment is needed.

UGA Extension agents use their knowledge and experience, and the home and garden edition of the 2018 Georgia Pest Management Handbook, to give control recommendations. The home and garden edition of the handbook, along with the commercial edition, provides current information on selection, application and safe use of pest control chemicals. To purchase a print copy of either edition, visit The commercial edition is $50 and includes both volumes. The home and garden edition is $20.