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Internal Medicine Residency Program granted highest accreditation status

The Internal Medicine Residency Program, Northeast Georgia’s first medical residency program and a joint effort by the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership and St. Mary’s Health Care System, has been granted continued accreditation, the highest status possible, by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

The IMRP enables graduates of medical school to complete the final phase of their medical education. A maximum of 10 residents are recruited each year through a national process that matches medical school graduates with residency programs around the nation. The IMRP is accredited for a maximum of 30 residents, 10 for each year of the three-year program.

The IMRP received initial accreditation in 2014, clearing the way for the first class of medical residents to begin their residencies in July 2015. Initial accreditation is valid for two years, so in summer 2016, ACGME conducted a rigorous site visit and review of the program to assess how well it is meeting requirements and goals for resident training and education. The process resulted in ACGME granting continuing accreditation, which provides for ongoing accreditation for 10 years with routine annual review of program data to ensure the IMRP continues to meet requirements.