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Thirty-six UGA employees retired Dec. 31.

Thirty-six UGA employees retired Dec. 31. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of service are:

Karen E. Aiken, development officer II, College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean’s Office, 19 years, 2 months; Dale L. Alexander, plumber, Facilities Management Division-Operations and Maintenance-Plumbing Shop, 31 years, 6 months; Kay Rader Altschul, accounting assistant, UGA Libraries-general operations, 14 years, 10 months; Robin Heath Campbell, county extension program assistant, UGA Cooperative Extension-Northwest District, 13 years, 4 months; Joyann A. Carter, administrative assistant II, Health Sciences Campus-housing, 29 years, 9 months; Mark S. Chastain, facilities manager I, population health, 30 years; B. Carolyn Dial, university senior budget analyst, University Budget Office, 20 years, 5 months; Vickie Lane Edwards, business manager I, horticulture research, 12 years, 10 months; Marilyn C. Erickson, associate professor, Center for Food Safety, 31 years, 2 months; John R. Fischer, director, population health, 26 years, 1 month; Secrise A. Gilham, food service supervisor II, Georgia Center: Auxiliary Operations-Dining Services, 11 years; Georgetta Sharron Grovner, food service worker I, Marine Institute, 29 years, 4 months; Nicholas S. Hill, professor, crop and soil sciences, 32 years, 11 months; Stefani K. Hilley, administrative specialist I, Associate Dean’s Office-Academic Affairs, 16 years, 8 months; Cheryl Ann Hollifield, professor, College of Journalism and Mass Communication, 21 years, 3 months; Della F. Hunt, administrative associate I, Rural Development Center-UGA Cooperative Extension, 28 years, 6 months; Felicia M. Kautz, research technician III, animal science research, 10 years, 3 months; Warren P. Kriesel, associate professor, agricultural and applied economics, 30 years, 1 month; Gloria J. Larson, administrative specialist I, Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration, 20 years, 6 months; Melanie L. Lee, administrative financial director, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, 33 years, 5 months; Denise W. Logan, public service assistant, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 24 years, 5 months; Donna James Mitchell, senior assistant registrar, Office of the Registrar, 31 years, 5 months; Josie Ofori, building services worker II, Brumby Hall, 33 years, 7 months; Timothy L. Peacock, IT manager, UGA Libraries-general operations, 14 years, 5 months; Norbert J. Pienta, professor, chemistry, 6 years, 4 months; Michele E. Poole, budget analyst, Division of Development & Alumni Relations-Finance and Talent Management, 34 years, 9 months; Sylvia M. Riblet, research professional II, population health, 21 years, 7 months; Clinton Floyd Rivers, food service worker II, Oglethorpe Dining Commons, 16 years, 4 months; Tonda P. Rowe, business manager II, College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean’s Office, 29 years, 5 months; Karen L. Sand, lab/research technician I, Soil, Plant and Water Lab, 11 years, 3 months; Patricia S. Sheahan, administrative assistant II, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 23 years, 9 months; Brenda Kay Smith, degree program assistant, School of Public and International Affairs, 21 years, 3 months; Marcella Smith, administrative assistant II, Brumby Hall, 30 years, 2 months; Thomas L. Whigham, professor, history, 32 years, 3 months; Suzi Wong, constituent-based director, College of Arts and Sciences-Dean’s Office, 15 years, 4 months; and Reginald Lee Woods, human resources senior manager, Facilities Management Division-administration and human resources department, 12 years, 8 months.

Source: Human Resources