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Thirty UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Arnoldo Acevedo, maintenance worker, preventive maintenance, 17 years/5 months; Nancy D. Barber, administrative assistant II, continuing education: Georgia Center, 15 years/6 months; Fred Bateman, professor, economics, 20 years/6 months; Evelyn M. Baughman, administrative specialist I, Cooperative Extension-Northwest District, 21 years/10 months; Dennis R. Beresford, part-time lecturer, J.M. Tull School of Accounting, 14 years/3 months; Robert N. Brewer Jr., senior public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Northeast District, 26 years/5 months; Danny T. Bridges, assistant department manager, libraries-general operations, 26 years;  Joyce A. Brightwell, building services worker II, South Campus Building Services, 16 years/2 months; Merilyn K. Collins, county extension program assistant, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 16 years; J. Sue Cromer, administrative associate II, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 15 years/4 months; Danis L. Cunningham, professor, Cooperative Extension-poultry science, 21 years/9 months; Raymond Davenport, garage attendant, automotive center, 27 years/9 months; Michelle Sheree Dillard, accountant, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources research, 26 years/7 months; Debbie Y. Dotson, administrative specialist I, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 19 years/3 months; Helen Hines Fosgate, public relations coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Research, 5 years/1 month; Connie Lynne Fuchs, administrative assistant II, libraries-general operations, 10 years/3 months; Elizabeth H. Hardaway, senior public service associate, College of Arts and Sciences-Dean’s Office, 24 years/3 months; Thomas F. Hardaway, library associate II, libraries-general operations, 33 years/7 months; Paul F. Hendrix, professor, Odum School of Ecology, 28 years/5 months; Katherine E. Hoard, administrative manager I, Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, 30 years/9 months; Mary Carolyn McGalliard, parking services monitor, North Campus Parking Deck, 15 years/10 months; Mary Ruth Moore, part-time senior lecturer, art, 35 years/4 months; M. Dianne Parham, administrative associate II, elementary and social studies education, 24 years/5 months; Joann G. Pulliam, administrative associate I, classics, 30 years/1 month; Lynda L. Riggins, administrative specialist II, College of Arts and Sciences-Dean’s Office, 13 years/5 months; Deana Howard Sherrer, business manager II, English, 25 year/3 months; Richard E. Siegesmund, associate professor, art, 10 years/6 months; Ann A. Whittemore, administrative associate I, Office of the President, 13 years/2 months; Paul D. Wigley, senior public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 33 years/9 months; and Radford T. Yager, public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Southwest District, 23 years/9 months.