Campus News


Twenty-two UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

S. Arnold Adcock, poultry worker II, poultry science research, 23 years/5 months; Agnes Revonda Beard-Gabriel, senior accounting assistant, campus mail, 16 years/6 months; Donna W. Bodiford, accountant III, College of Education—dean’s office, 29 years/6 months; Asa T. Boynton, associate vice president, Office of Security Preparedness, 35 years/1 month; Dennis R. Bradberry, animal facilities supervisor, avian medicine, 28 years/9 months; Steve D. Brown, associate director, University Health Service, 20 years/4 months; Jerry J. Busby, sheetmetal worker I, metal shop, 31 years/7 months; Eula M. Cross, office manager, School of Law, 34 years/5 months; Betty D. Garner, project director, Division of Academic Enhancement, 18 years/1 month; Jim B. Jones, maintenance worker, custodial services—South campus, 9 years/11 months; Jacquelyn S. Kinder, director, University Health Service, 19 years/5 months; Anne M. King, county secretary, Cooperative Extension Service–Northeast district, 30 years/8 months; Anna B. Marlowe, education program specialist, Office of International Affairs/Education, 12 years/9 months; Norman Avery McLean, associate director, Athletic Association, 23 years/6 months; –Lenora R. Mulinex, stores operations supervisor II, University Bookstore, 10 years; Andy S. Nasisse, professor, art, 28 years/4 months; Gary O. Pitman, logistical support manager, EITS business services, 26 years/5 months; Daryl E. Rowe, bio-safety officer, environmental safety services, 23 years/11 months; Jane S. Sanders, business manager I, art, 29 years/11 months; Garland L. Sheridan, cook II, continuing education: auxiliary operations–food services, 10 years/4 months; Nancy S. Staton, public service associate, Business Outreach Services, 15 years/6 months; and –Belinda C. Wells, program coordinator, veterinary medicine—dean’s office, 14 years/6 months.