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Thirty-six UGA employees retired Jan. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Karl McRae Andrews Jr., remote site supervisor II, Enterprise Information Technology Services, 7 years/3 months; Joyce E. Bickley, accountant I, biological agricultural engineering research, 24 years/3 months; Verlene C. Byous, section supervisor, plant genetics research, 22 years/8 months; Martha M. Campbell, research coordinator I, School of Forest Resources; 29 years/7 months; Christy Caughey, personnel assistant II, employee benefits, 24 years/11 months; Sharon W. Chitwood, laboratory technician III, Athens Diagnostic Lab, 28 years/3 months; Frances G. Cofer, custodian II, custodial services–South campus, 26 years/5 months; Ronald E. Cook, agricultural research assistant III, animal science research–Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 23 years/7 months; Barbara F. Crowe, county secretary, North district–Cooperative Extension Service, 19 years/9 months; Norwood Cullen Donalson Jr., director, Central Research Stores, 29 years/6 months; Diane T. Embrick, accountant I, small animal medicine, 29 years/9 months; James N. Etters, professor, textiles–merchandise-interiors, 16 years/3 months; Richard C. Field, assistant director, learning services–Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 14 years/11 months; Ian J.W. Firth, professor, School of Environmental Design, 29 years/4 months; Lawrence O. Ford, maintenance worker, preventive maintenance, 9 years/9 months; Valerie J. Franklin, conference coordinator, learning services–Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 10 years/6 months; David E. Giannasi, associate professor, plant biology, 25 years/4 months; John W. Goodrum, professor, biological agricultural engineering research, 23 years/5 months; Mary Ann Griffis, county secretary, Southeast district–Cooperative Extension Service, 26 years/4 months; Philip E. Hale, research coordinator II, forestry research, 26 years/2 months; Brenda M. Horton, program coordinator, veterinary medicine–dean’s office, 28 years/5 months; Jacquelyn H. House, assistant to the director, director’s office–Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 22 years/6 months; W. Ben Iturrian, associate professor, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; 36 years/3 months; John F. Kittle, bus operator, campus transit system, 40 years/1 month; Sherly A. Lathan, records coordinator I, student financial aid, 19 years/4 months; Ellen M. Lether, part-time instructor, computer science, 25 years/4 months; Tommy L. Mann, associate director, EITS operations and infrastructure, 29 years/7 months; Lera M. McManus, administrative secretary, School of Teacher Education, 25 years/5 months; Albert C. Purvis, professor, horticulture research–Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 16 years/6 months; Sandra Ray, administrative secretary, animal science research, 19 years/7 months; John W. Rucker, farm worker II, Southeast Research and Education Center–Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 29 years/2 months; Virginia P. Sorrow, associate director, budget department, 24 years/5 months; Daniel W. Stuart, assistant registrar II, Registrar’s Office, 14 years/3 months; Jessie L. Taylor, custodian II, custodial services–North campus, 15 years/2 months; Martha L. White, counseling psychologist, counseling and psychological services, 13 years/5 months; and Delores K. Windate, assistant conference coordinator, hotel auxiliary operations–Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 10 years.