Campus News

Retirees June 2010

Thirty-eight UGA employees retired June 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Delores Allen, administrative associate II, University Health Center, 15 years/9 months; Ishwar V. Basawa, professor, statistics, 23 years/8 months; Paul A. Bridges, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, air conditioning shop, 28 years/11 months; Daniel L. Christian, bindery operator II, printing, 21 years/2 months; Anne M. Craven, veterinary animal caretaker I, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 10 years/8 months; Ray David Dallmeyer, professor, geology, 37 years/9 months; Linda-Jo C. DeGroff, associate professor, language and literacy education, 23 years/8 months; Cheryl P. Dolney, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Southwest district, 24 years/8 months; Bertis E. Downs IV, part-time instructor, School of Law, 25 years/9 months; Harry P. Duval, associate professor, kinesiology, 29 years/9 months; Nancy Felson, professor, classics, 35 years/9 months; Christine H. Gomes, property accounting manager, property control, 31 years/8 months*; David J. Hally, professor, anthropology, 42 years/9 months; Timothy G. Heil, associate professor, physics and astronomy, 29 years/10 months; Betty Jean Hill, administrative assistant II, clinical and administrative pharmacy, 26 years/5 months; Thomas Hodler, professor, geography, 28 years/9 months; Charles T. Holmes, professor, workforce, leadership and social foundations, 26 years/8 months; Patricia G. Hoyt, program coordinator III, J.M. Tull School of Accounting, 29 years/11 months; Carla S. Ingram, administrative specialist I, plant biology, 18 years/7 months; Robert D. Ivarie, professor, genetics, 30 years/4 months; Sarah Nell Johnson, building services worker II, building services (second shift), 23 years/3 months; Aleta A. Kellett, county secretary, Cooperative Extension-Northwest district, 14 years/4 months; Ronald T. Kneib, senior research scientist, Marine Institute, 29 years/8 months; Linda Labbo, professor, language and literacy education, 16 years/8 months; Billy Don Massey, associate professor, theatre and film studies, 28 years/9 months; Joseph M. Mauldin, professor, Cooperative Extension-poultry science, 30 years/5 months; Judith M. McWillie, professor, art, 35 years/9 months; Kenith L. Mullis, research professional I, plant pathology research-Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 35 years/6 months; Vici M. Payne, business manager II, history, 11 years/11 months; Guy W. Rawls, farm supervisor III, Northwest Research and Education Center, 31 years/1 month; Rebecca F. Sanders, senior operations supervisor, bursar’s office, 30 years/5 months; John William Schell, associate professor, workforce, leadership and social foundations, 19 years/8 months; Roy C. Smith, professor, mathematics, 32 years/9 months; Ali Smith Steen, administrative assistant II, Russell Hall, 9 years/10 months; Frances Dodds Van Keuren, professor, art, 29 years/9 months; Juergen K.W. Wiegel, Distinguished Research Professor, microbiology, 28 years/4 months; Gail M. Williamson, professor, psychology, 19 years/11 months; and James B. Yarbrough, heavy equipment mechanic, Northwest Research and Education Center-Georgia Experiment Station, 28 years/9 months.