Campus News


Thirty UGA employees retired June 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Tommy C. Altman, associate director, Office of Special Events, 35 years/11 months; Tina B. Christie, administrative specialist II, Office of the Vice President for Research, 7 years/1 month; John F. Dowd, part-time assistant professor, geology, 19 years/8 months; James Edelen, associate director, Georgia Center, Continuing Education: Auxiliary Operations-Food Services, 11 years/4 months; Richard A. Fayrer-Hosken, professor, large animal medicine, 28 years/1 month; Paul M. Fowler, property control coordinator, field research services-Coastal Plains Experiment Station, 29 years/1 month; Marilyn Healey, librarian III, libraries-general operations, 21 years/7 months; Thomas P. Holland, part-time professor, School of Social Work, 3 years/9 months; Karen H. Jones, professor, workforce education, leadership and social foundations, 25 years/8 months; William S. Langford, library associate III, libraries-general operations, 29 years/7 months; Fernando Larios, part-time instructor, Romance languages, 12 years/9 months; Thomas W. Leigh, professor, marketing and distribution, 24 years/11 months; David M. Morgan, senior public service associate, Institute of Higher Education, 10 years/10 months; Diane B. Napier, associate professor, workforce education, leadership and social foundations, 21 years/4 months; Ronnie R. Pines, research coordinator I, Southwest Research and Education Center-Coastal Plains Experiment Station, 26 years/11 months; Edward Albert Rollor III, emergency communications manager, Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense, 35 years/2 months; June H. Smith, administrative financial director, College of Education-Dean’s Office, 27 years/2 months; Scarlett R. Smith, administrative manager II, Continuing Legal Education, 25 years/9 months; Sylvia J. Stogden, administrative assistant II, School of Law, 20 years/1 month; Linda Ann Toney, administrative associate I, housing and consumer economics, 19 years/4 months; Roger C. Vogel, professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, 35 years/9 months; Cecelia Buck Warner, curator, Georgia Museum of Art, 14 years/4 months; John C. Wates, professor, College of Environment and Design, 45 years/8 months; Nancy G. Watkins, administrative associate I, School of Law, 12 years/9 months; William A.J. Watson, Research Professor, School of Law, 22 years/9 months; Mark F. Wheeler, professor, dance, 30 years/9 months; Donald E. Wilkes Jr., professor, School of Law, 40 years/9 months; Katharina M. Wilson, professor, comparative literature, 30 years/9 months; Steven L. Wilson, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, building A/C systems, 30 years/1 month; and Karl O. Woods, building services worker II, residence hall facilities administration, 9 years/8 months.