Campus News


Thirty-four UGA employees retired June 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Robert L. Ackerley, skilled trades worker, central foods storage, 9 years/9 months; Richard H. Bouldin, professor, mathematics, 35 years/9 months; Robert G. Burton, department head, philosophy, 37 years/9 months; William Cammack, stores clerk II, East Village Commons, 25 years/8 months; Linda D. Carr, office manager, Tifton Diagnostic Lab, 29 years/9 months; David C. Coleman, research professor, Institute of Ecology, 19 years/11 months; 

Henry T. Curran, physician’s assistant, University Health Service, 28 years/4 months; Ellen Day, associate professor, marketing and distribution, 21 years/8 months; Joseph T. DiPiro, assistant dean, clinical and administrative services, 23 years/11 months; Linda Y. Elkins, librarian II, libraries–general operations, 37 years/3 months; Francis I. Frazier, associate professor, music, 27 years/9 months; Darbie M. Granberry, professor, horticulture–Cooperative Extension Service, 29 years; Brenda E. Greene, senior administrative secretary, admissions office, 29 years/10 months; Craig E. Greene, professor, small animal medicine, 28 years/11 months; Judy T. Harper, administrative secretary, hazardous material program, 10 years/10 months; Laurie E. Hart, professor, School of Teacher Education, 23 years/8 months;

Troy L. Herbert, floor covering installer, cabinet shop, 19 years/8 months; Julie G. Johnson, professor, Romance languages, 27 years/9 months; Linda G. Koehler, part-time instructor, mathematics, 15 years/4 months; Dianne E. Little, programmer III, animal science research, 27 years/1 month; Lars G. Ljungdahl, director, biochemistry and molecular biology, 37 years/8 months; Roy P. Martin, professor, School of Professional Studies, 25 years/9 months; Vernon Meentemeyer, professor, geography, 31 years/9 months; Marilyn D. Montgomery, administrative specialist, external affairs–information technology, 32 years/8 months; William H. Quinn, professor, child and family development, 19 years/9 months; Richard Q. Rivers III, agricultural research coordinator I, horticulture research, 37 years/2 months; James H. Shivar III, boiler operator I, steam shop, 17 years/1 month; Paula R. Smith, administrative secretary, alumni relations, 31 years/9 months; Roger M. Swagler, associate professor, housing and consumer economics, 21 years/5 months; William W. Swan, professor, School of Leadership and Lifelong Learning, 22 years/5 months;


Flora Sykes, custodial supervisor, continuing education: auxiliary operations–hotel, 11 years/2 months; Norma E. Ward, senior secretary, custodial services–North campus, 16 years/2 months; Kenneth P. Williams, professor, art, 27 years/9 months; and Joseph M. Wisenbaker, associate professor, School of Professional Studies, 23 years/8 months.