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Law professor named to SEC working group

David Shipley, the UGA Athletic Association Professor in the School of Law and the university’s faculty athletics representative to the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference, was named to a seven-person SEC working group that will review issues surrounding student-athlete conduct.

The working group will review and discuss existing NCAA and SEC policies governing student-athlete conduct and related eligibility outcomes; standards for institutional fulfillment of expectations associated with SEC transfer requirements for personal conduct; as well as university and athletic department best practices and policies governing conduct of students and student-athletes. In addition, the group will look at issues and policies arising in other conferences that may inform decision-making within the SEC; state and federal legislation related to student discipline and reporting; drug testing policies and procedures; and other related issues as determined by the working group.

Shipley joined the UGA Law faculty as dean and professor in 1998. He has served as UGA’s faculty athletics representative since 2010.