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Law professor weighs in on Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case

Lindsey Simon, assistant law professor in the School of Law, weighed in on the Purdue Pharma controversy in a recent article by the Associated Press.

A recent decision was reached in the bankruptcy case against Purdue Pharma, and other large pharmaceutical companies, claiming that they hold responsibility for the rising opioid epidemic in the United States. The Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, has settled to pay $4.5 billion in cash and other charitable assets, while also being waived of future liability in other potential lawsuits regarding opioid addiction.

There is, however, lots of controversy regarding the implications of such a broad protection over a wealthy family that is still in majority control of the pharmaceutical company.

There have been many calls for appeal, also met with controversy. Simon, a law professor who specializes in bankruptcy law, weighed in on the debate for appeal.

“If they continue to appeal, if they win, what do they get?” said Simon, “The answer is, probably complete chaos and less money.”

Simon argues that going into the appellate courts for a bankruptcy case could lead to a lower payout and ultimately a less successful case. Simon is continuing to follow the case as it unfolds.