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Leidong Mao and the National Science Foundation


Leidong Mao, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering, received $200,000 from the National Science Foundation to establish an undergraduate engineering program in nanotechnology. Over the next two years, Mao will develop a nanotechnology lab course with 12 lab modules for undergraduate and high school students. The course will cover the major processes for nanotechnology, from fabrication to application. The program also will offer a summer workshop with projects for high school teachers and students. Also collaborating on the grant are Yiping Zhao, professor of physics and astronomy, and Jason Locklin, associate professor of chemistry in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences; Zhengwei Pan, associate professor, and Bingqian Xu, associate professor in the College of Engineering; and Ji Shen, assistant professor of mathematics and science education in the College of Education.