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Library reserves deadlines

The libraries are now accepting course reserve lists for the 2011 summer and fall semesters. Information on using course reserves, including the full course reserve letter, guidelines, submission forms, processing priorities, deadlines and other important dates, is online at

April 26 is the deadline for lists and personal materials to be received to be guaranteed for availability on the first day of classes for summer semester. The deadline for fall semester is July 5.

Lists received after these deadlines will be processed as quickly as possible according to processing priorities.

May 3 is the deadline to retain a spring semester list for summer semester 2010. July 29 is the deadline to retain a spring or summer semester list for fall semester. Contact the reserve desk at the main or science libraries to retain a list.

For questions about course reserve deadlines, contact Danny Bridges at the main library at (706) 542-2081 or, or Byron Smith at the science library at (706) 542-4535 or