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Library survey

To assess and improve its services, the UGA Libraries will conduct a user survey Oct. 7-21.

Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff will be surveyed using LibQUAL +, a Web-based tool offered by the Association of Research Libraries. The UGA Libraries has conducted the survey periodically since 2004.

The 22 core survey items use gap analysis to measure user perceptions of service quality in three areas: services, collections and facilities. The survey contains additional items that address information literacy outcomes, library use and general satisfaction. An open-ended comments box provides information for qualitative analysis.

Past LibQUAL+ data helped guide recent improvements in service, such as greater access to study spaces, enhancements to interlibrary loan service, the addition of improved search tools such as the multi-search and renovations at both the main and science libraries.

Survey participants will be selected at random and contacted via email.