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Linguistics professor honored with festschrift

Jared Klein, a Distinguished Research Professor of Linguistics in the classics department of Franklin College, has been honored with the publication of a festschrift celebrating his career and contributions to the discipline of Indo-European linguistics.

Tavet Tat Satyam, the book-length volume of original, scholarly articles, was published by Beech Stave Press on Klein’s 70th birthday.

The presentation of a festschrift is a European tradition honoring respected academicians during their lifetime as an acknowledgment of their broad influence on their field or discipline.

The special volume was edited by three of Klein’s former students, all UGA graduates: Andree Byrd, Jessica DeLisis and Mark Wenthe.

Tavet tat satyam is Sanskrit, taken from the first hymn of the Rigveda, the foundational text of ancient classical India, and translates as “Of you alone is that true.”