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Listener study prompts programming changes at radio station WUGA

Programming changes designed to make WUGA even more vital and relevant to its listeners took effect June 13. Responding to a comprehensive study into current listener needs, the station has made several changes including the addition of two long-running news programs, Here and Now and The Takeaway, at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., respectively, to its Monday through Thursday schedule.

Nearly 500 listeners participated in the ­online survey and focus groups late last year after the ­station solicited viewer participation through ­on-air announcements, emails to its Friends list and Community Advisory Council and promotion on its website and social media.

“After several months of research and deliberation, we are pleased to make some exciting programming changes to our schedule,” said Jimmy Sanders, WUGA’s general manager. “Overwhelmingly, our listeners wanted more news and informational programming and in-depth, local news reporting, which is consistent with trends in public radio stations nationwide.”

Music will continue to be an important part of WUGA’s programming, and the station will continue to broadcast interviews with local arts and civic groups, according to Sanders. A regular, locally produced program focused on the local arts scene also is being developed.

More information about the audience survey and WUGA’s new schedule are at