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Make tailgating a sustainable event

Football season is under way and Andrew Lentini, sustainability coordinator at UGA, offers these tips to throw a eco-friendly, sustainable tailgate party:
• Don’t break out the paper plates and plastic cutlery just because you’re eating away from home. While they may be convenient, most dining disposables are not recyclable and end up clogging local landfills.
• Have organic game day snacks. Use your favorite naturally grown seasonal fruits and veggies. Shop at your local farmer’s market or check out the Athens Farmers Market before game time on Saturday mornings at Bishop Park in the fall.
• Don’t drop the ball on recycling. Parking lot attendants and volunteers have plenty of trash and recycling bags for your use on game days. Items left in clear plastic bags will be recycled. If you need extra, just ask. You can recycle plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans. Plastic cups, plates and flatware are not recyclable in the Athens area.
• The best thing you can do for the campus environment is to pack up your belongings when your tailgating is finished. Items left on campus, like tables and chairs, end up in the landfill. Remember not to litter or simply leave extras behind for others to clean up.