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Make traveling safer, more enjoyable

International travel has become increasingly more complex in today’s world. These are some recommendations that may help to make travels safer and more enjoyable:

• Get embassy or consulate information and a map of the location for any country to which you will be traveling.

• Research hospitals in the area and know where they are located in relation to where you will be.

• Make copies of your passport and both sides of credit cards and store on an email account.

• Take your vaccination records with you.

• Carry identification and emergency contact information with you.

• Leave or send changes to your itinerary to friends or co-workers back home.

• Do activity planning in private instead of hotel lobbies or other public areas.

• Secure your door at night.

• Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in excess, and never accept drinks from strangers.

• Be wary of anyone asking for information.

Source: Office of Emergency Preparedness