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Mandatory online training to help secure UGA data

All UGA employees must participate by November in an online technology risk awareness program called SecureUGA.

The program consists of several 4-5 minute online modules designed to educate employees about safe computer practices. The modules are available at

“We’re using three methods to get this done: technology, strong policy and processes, and user awareness, training and education,” said Sandra Glass, director of the Office of Information Technology. “We call this a ‘defense in depth’ strategy. You can’t just do one thing. It will take all three to build a more safe and secure environment.”

The program follows a role-based model, meaning that employees who handle sensitive information such as IT professionals or those who oversee student records are required to complete more intensive training.

Stan Gatewood, chief information security officer, said these awareness sessions will continue as an ongoing process.

“Security is a continuum. We will never get to a place where we’re 100 percent secure, where we have arrived and we can say ‘stop.’ It’s sad, but that’s how it is,” he said.

“But this is something that you as an individual should be doing in your life as well,” he added. “These same methods can help protect against ID theft, as well as fraud and other dangers that home computers face.”

All faculty and staff are required to participate, even if they do not use computers for their current jobs, Gatewood said.