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Ten UGA employees retired May 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are: Patricia Brenda Craig, administrative assistant II, University Health Center, 24 years/5 months;Joy Butler English, administrative associate II, assistant dean’s office–Georgia Experiment Station, 30 years/10 months; Beverly W. Gray, administrative associate II, textiles, merchandising and interiors, 31 years; William J. Holden, network administrator associate, EITS operations and infrastructure, 30 years; Don W. Kilgo, materials handler III, Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel—business administration, 16 years/5 months; Robert L. Marable, building services I, custodial services—South campus, 17 years/11 months; Teresa B. Morrison, laboratory manager I, Athens Diagnostic Lab, 24 years/5 months; Wylie Powers, building services worker II, custodial services—North campus, 28 years/7 months; Hattie L. Sanford, building services worker II, custodial services—South campus, 12 years/7 months; and Andrew W. Tull, horticulture research specialist, plant biology, 28 years/1 month.