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MBA program rises in ‘Forbes’ rankings

Forbes magazine released its biannual MBA program ranking Sept. 9, once again recognizing UGA’s Terry College of Business among the ­nation’s best business schools.

The Terry College MBA program ranks 19th among public institutions (No. 36 overall) in the 2015 Forbes rankings, up from 24th among public schools (49th overall) in 2013.

The Forbes rankings are based on the return on investment over five years by graduates of the class of 2010.

Forbes compared the 2010 graduates’ reported earnings during their first five years after graduating to their “opportunity cost” (defined as two years of foregone wages, plus the cost of tuition and fees). The rankings are based on a “five-year MBA gain,” which represents the net cumulative amount the typical alumni would have earned after five years, by getting their MBA versus staying in their pre-MBA career.

The full list of ranked schools is available online at