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MCG-UGA seminar seeks to expand basic and translational collaborations

This fall, the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute and faculty at the Medical College of Georgia plan to kick off a series of seminars and workshops to encourage further collaboration in common research efforts and endeavors.

“Following the formation of the BHSI in 2001, the state of Georgia supplied three years of funding to support joint MCG-UGA biomedical research interactions,” said Harry Dailey, BHSI director. “When the funding ended, interactions unfortunately lagged. However, the expansion of medical education to Athens from Augusta has changed that and faculty have taken a new interest in collaborations.”

The first of these MCG-UGA collaborative seminars will take place Aug. 28 at 2 p.m. in the Paul D. Coverdell Center Auditorium and will be led by Dr. David Hess, professor and chairman of the department of neurology at MCG.

Hess’ seminar, “Translating Science into Patients: New Stroke Therapies,” will discuss two therapies being developed for stroke patients by researchers at MCG and UGA’s College of Pharmacy, involving the antibiotic minocycline and multipotent adult progenitor cells.