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Mikayla Coverson

Mikayla Coverson (Photos by Andrew Davis Tucker/UGA)

Mikayla Coverson is passionate about the music and entertainment industries, and Terry College of Business programs are providing a strong foundation for her pursuits.


Newnan, GA

High school: 

East Coweta High School

Family ties to UGA: 

My aunt Clenda Coverson Scales is an alumna of the 1992 graduating class of the University of Georgia, and she made it very clear that I was also going to attend UGA as well.

Expected graduation: 

Spring 2019

Degree objective:

B.B.A. in Management and B.B.A. in Marketing

Other degrees: 

Certificate in Music Business

University highlights, achievements, awards and scholarships:

I am proud to say I am the founder and president of the Music Business Ambassadors. We are an organization housed under the Music Business Program and our mission is to highlight the students that make the program as successful as it is. We want to create a strong tie between the students at UGA and the vibrant Athens music scene. We also strive to be a liaison between the Music Business Program, the Terry College of Business, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and the entire University of Georgia. This may be one of my greatest accomplishments during my time at UGA. The Music Business Program (MBUS), is very near and dear to my heart, and it has made my college experience the best it could possibly be. Huge thanks to David, Tom, Lane and Callen, love you guys.

Also, I serve as the executive liaison for the Professional Entertainment and Sports Association. PESA is the first and only organization at the Terry College of Business that provides a network for highly motivated and passionate students who are committed to the pursuit of careers in the television, film, music, fashion and other sporting industries. I am very passionate about music and how the entertainment industry functions, and PESA makes it possible for me to fuel that passion. I actually met my supervisor at the PESA Summit (Summit Series is coming up just so everyone knows) and was offered an internship opportunity with Grand Hustle Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.

I currently serve as the event planning coordinator on Georgia Daze Minority Recruitment Program executive board. Georgia Daze is an organization that I feel like I connected with on a deeper level. Daze highlights two very important things: the recruitment of underrepresented minorities and community service. Today, Georgia Daze has expanded its reach from just prospective students. We ensure to reach historically underrepresented minorities that currently attend the University of Georgia. We now provide programs, networking opportunities and special events for current students who identify in historically underrepresented groups. We connect these students with current faculty, staff, graduate students and alumni, while also focusing on community service in the Athens-Clarke County area.

I chose to attend UGA because …

I wanted to attend a university that would challenge me academically, where I could grow mentally, and I could thrive socially. After considering those three important factors, the choice was simple. UGA is also not far from home and it is imperative that I can make it home to see my family.

My favorite things to do on campus are …

I honestly live in the BLC. My classes are in there, the Au Bon Pain is in there, the MBUS lab is in there, and I love to spend time in the MBUS lab working on my musical projects and expressing my creativity. When I am not in the lab, you can catch me at Tate, during Tate Time hanging out with some friends.

When I have free time, I like …

Free time? What is that? But, seriously in my small amount of free time, I like to find new music, write poetry or make blankets. I make very nice blankets.

The craziest thing I’ve done is …

During my time at UGA? Wow, so the spring semester of my junior year, my roommates who are also some of my best friends decided that we were hungry (side note: I was not hungry but my friends can trick me into doing almost anything by saying one phrase and they know it which is how I end up in most of my life’s debacles). It was like 3:00 in the morning and my roommate calls her best friend to participate in the shenanigans. We go to pick her up from UV because she was an RA. I was driving, with a total of four people in the car (including myself) … and to make a long story and even longer night short, we ended up going to four different restaurants for the four different people and I can truthfully say, never again (unless they say the trigger phrase, then I will most likely do it again).

My favorite place to study is …

The team rooms in the BLC are the hidden gems of UGA.

My favorite professor is …
I have more than one, so I will list them in no particular order:

Kimberly Grantham is the biggest blessing UGA has to offer. A wonderful woman, a joy, I took her class last semester and I probably told her I loved her every day. I would give a kidney for her.

Kristy McManus is a light to this world, the gift that the marketing department gives to us is the chance to take her class.

Marty Parker is so wonderful I am lost for words.

David Barbe is the most connected man on this side of the world. His jokes are horrible, but he makes up for them with how much cares about his students.

Tom Lewis is not only one of my favorite professors, but this man is also one of my favorite people in the world. I honestly stop by his office just to hear him talk about anything, he is so knowledgeable about his work and I admire that. Old Man Lewis will always have a special place in my heart.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with …

Russell Simmons, the man is a visionary.

If I knew I could not fail, I would …

… take FINA 3000 again.

If money was not a consideration, I would love to …

… expand my sneaker collection, take a trip to Australia with the whole team, and expand my sneaker collection again, and get my master’s and a Ph.D. just so people have to call me Doc.

What is your passion and how are you committed to pursuing it?

My passion is to allow musical artists to take their own path to express their creativity with no worries of getting the short end of the stick. I will dedicate my life’s work to free expression.

After graduation, I plan to …

… dive into the adult world with a full-time career.

The one UGA experience I will always remember will be …

… the Holmes-Hunter Lecture that takes place every year, but especially the lecture that Charlayne Hunter-Gault gave last year. It was the most moving lecture I have ever been to.