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MILAB/UGA and MUKH accepting research volunteers

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in conjunction with the MUKH, is accepting volunteers to participate in an applied research study that aims to improve face recognition technology when using multispectral face biometric images, rather than traditional photos captured by high-end face imaging sensors.

The study involves a 40-minute, two-session process, on the same day—one indoor and one outdoor. It involves facial image and video captured using state-of-the-art visible and thermal camera sensors from Nikon, Canon and FLIR.

Participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card for participation and completion of both sessions.

This study has been UGA IRB approved.

To schedule an appointment for data collection or for more information, go to, call 706-542-0940, or email (POC). Those interested may also email or call 681-285-5707.