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Mileage reimbursement rate

The Internal Revenue Service has announced its single standard mileage rate, which applies to federal employees using their personal motor vehicles on state business: $0.445 per mile.

The new rate should be used when a personal motor vehicle is the most advantageous form of travel. This rate took effect Jan. 1.

In accordance with the new rate, the State Accounting Office recommends that UGA faculty and staff should make every effort to utilize UGA-owned vehicles for travel when they are available for use. If a UGA employee elects to use a personal vehicle when a univeristy-owned vehicle is available, then the reimbursement rate is reduced to $0.285 per mile. UGA faculty and staff are responsible for determining the appropriate reimbursement rate to be used.

For more information, contact Jennifer Collins by phone (542-5735). UGA’s travel regulations are online ( as is the revised travel expense statement (