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Mind Your Heart seeks study participants

Mind Your Heart is looking for 40 full-time employees who are willing to participate in a six-week online nutrition education program that focuses on heart health through diet.

The program includes:

  • Heart-healthy diet education based on working adults’ needs.
  • Virtual access to an online education program that can be completed at participants’ own pace.

During the program, participants will be asked to:

  • Complete six educational modules within six weeks. Modules last about 30 minutes each. Completing modules at their own pace should take about four to six hours total.
  • Complete a five-minute questionnaire on their meals three times a week for three weeks (a total of 18 questionnaires) for a total of 90 minutes over six weeks. These will be texted to participants’ phone.

At the beginning and the end of the study, researchers will measure:

  • Blood lipid levels (cholesterol levels)
  • Blood pressure
  • Body measurements (height, weight, waist circumference, body fat percentage)
  • An eye exam
  • Food intake over three days
  • 30-minute questionnaire

The first visit to the lab will be 1.5 hours. The second visit at the end of the study will be a one-hour visit.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 18-years-old
  • Be a full-time employee at UGA
  • Have access to a computer and smartphone with internet access
  • Fluent in reading and speaking English
  • Have not been diagnosed with epilepsy
  • Not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the next two months
  • Not on weight loss medication or a diet prescribed for a chronic condition
  • Not currently in a meditation class in the next two months
  • Not currently in a nutrition class in the next two months
  • Were not enrolled in the Mind Your Heart Feasibility Study