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More water conservation tips

With Athens and the surrounding counties under Level 4 water restrictions and around-the-clock bans on outdoor residential water use, conserving water at UGA and in the surrounding community has become a mandate. UGA offers these and other tips (
• Turn off water while brushing your teeth.
• Drop that tissue in the trash instead of flushing it.
• When you give your pet fresh water, don’t throw the old water down the drain. Use it to water your trees or shrubs.
• Turn off the water while you shave.
• If you accidentally drop ice cubes when filling your glass from the freezer, don’t throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant instead.
• When washing your hands, don’t let the water run while you lather.
• While staying in a hotel or even at home, reuse your towels.
• Cook food in as little water as possible.
• Thaw food in the fridge not under a running faucet.
• When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load.
• Make sure there are aerators on all faucets.
• Mulch to retain water around plants.
•  Repair leaky faucets, pipes and hoses.
Call the Physical Plant work order desk,
(706) 542-7456, if you notice leaky toilets or faucets on the UGA Athens campus.