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Nancy Hinkle receives award

The Entomological Society of America’s Southeastern branch presented UGA entomologist Nancy Hinkle with its 2014 Recognition Award in Urban Entomology.

Hinkle, who has been a medical-veterinary entomologist at UGA since 2001, primarily works with insect pests that affect the poultry industry. But over her career she also has researched various insects-from fleas to head lice to mosquitoes-that affect humans. Because of her interest in blood-sucking insects, Hinkle has become one of the nation’s leading experts on delusory parasitosis or imagined infestations.

Hinkle is the fourth entomologist from the UGA College of Agricultural and Envrionmental Sciences to receive this award. Ron Oetting (1990), Dan Suiter (2010) and Brian Forschler (2011) also have received this honor. As Southeastern branch winner, Hinkle is eligible for the Entomological Society of America’s national Recognition Award in Urban Entomology, one of the most prestigious awards the society bestows.