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National Academy of Sciences appoints UGA expert to census study panel

National Academy of Sciences appoints UGA demographics expert to census study panel

Athens, Ga. – The National Academy of Sciences Committee on National Statistics has appointed University of Georgia senior public service associate Warren Brown to serve on its panel to review the 2010 census.

Brown directs the Applied Demography Program at the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government. He will join a select group of 13 other experts from across the country to conduct a detailed evaluation of the statistical methods and operational procedures for the 2010 census over the next five years. The panel will focus on methods and procedures that are critical to the completeness and quality of the census count, including master address file preparation, coverage measurement activities, technology use, and overall census management practices.

In analyzing the 2010 census, panel members hope to draw lessons that can be applied to designing the 2020 census, Brown said. In addition to its final report, the panel will release interim reports on topics relevant for 2020 census planning.

Prior to joining the Vinson Institute, Brown directed Cornell University’s Program on Applied Demographics. He has worked closely with the U.S. Census Bureau on numerous projects; he is past chair of the bureau’s Federal State Cooperative for Population Estimates.

The Vinson Institute Applied Demography Program is a partnership with Georgia’s Office of Planning and Budget and is designed to provide government leaders with timely population and economic data for planning purposes.

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