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UGA’s plan to convert Navy School into health sciences center wins approval

The Navy School Local Redevelopment Authority recently approved UGA’s plans to turn the Navy Supply Corps School on Prince Avenue into a medical campus.

The proposed Health Sciences Center initially will build on existing assets such as UGA health-related programs, the clinical strengths of local hospitals and clinics in the Prince Avenue medical district and the programs of other institutional partners, including Athens Technical College and the Medical College of Georgia.

The deal is contingent on the state legislature approving funding within three years, the university paying $7.9 million to local nonprofits that help the homeless, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approving the federally required homeless assistance plan and the U.S. Department of Education agreeing to let UGA have the base without further charge as a public benefit conveyance.

The Navy School is scheduled to close in 2011.