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Navy Supply Corp School property transferred to UGA

Navy Supply School-signing-deed-h.action
UGA President Michael F. Adams (left) and the DOE's Dennis Bega shake hands after a ceremonial deed signing for the Navy Supply School.

The university ceremoniously acquired the campus of the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens in a March 25 deed conveyance at the UGA President’s House on Prince Avenue.

UGA President Michael F. Adams and Dennis Bega, senior outreach director for the Midwest and South in the U.S. Department of Education, signed a public conveyance deed, which sets the stage for the university to begin turning the property into the UGA Health Sciences Campus.

Actual possession of the campus and transfer of the keys was pending final signing of the legal deed by representatives of the DOE and the board of regents.

“There are a lot of people to thank for this. And we really are going to turn this into a first-rate UGA health sciences campus,” said UGA President Michael F. Adams. “It really is an incredible opportunity for the university and for the community.”

George Huban, a former commanding officer at the Supply Corps School, said seeing the new direction for the campus was inspiring.

“As former commanding officers, none of us like to lose, but as this has unfolded, I would challenge any facility in the Navy to be more thoughtfully handled,” he said. “I just want to compliment the University of Georgia and everyone who worked on this. Just to have this ceremony and be invited makes us excited. To lose this base and to still be excited is just terrific.”