Campus News

New auto safety video

All UGA employees should watch a new auto safety video entitled “Driving Do’s and Dont’s: Changing Habits” available online from the State Department of Administrative Services.

To view the video, visit then click on “Risk Management Services.” On the next page, click on “Auto Liability Program” and then click “Auto Liability Training Videos” to select which video you wish to see.

Once you’ve watched the video, click on “register your participation” and complete a form noting you’ve seen the video. When completing this form, select “Regents, Board of” as your parent agency or organization and under division, type in “UGA.” Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

For those areas that may not have Internet access, contact Ed Finnegan of DOAS Risk Management for copies of the DVD at (404) 463-7490 or For more information, contact the Georgia Department of Administrative Services’ Risk Management Office at
(706) 425-3250.