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New book examines life under slavery

January in Slavery: An Oral Narrative of the South
Cal Logue

Drawing from recollections available in interviews conducted with African-Americans who lived under slavery, January in Slavery: An Oral Narrative of the South offers insights into their fortitude, endurance, means of grappling with conditions and devotion to family, support of friends.

Written by Cal Logue, Meigs Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies, January in Slavery also covers slaves’ care and protection of children, desire to read and write, pride of dress, skill in workmanship, faith in God, desire for freedom and determination to resist and escape.

Logue has written articles such as “Teaching Black Rhetoric,” “Ridicule of Reconstruction Blacks,” “Racist Reporting During Reconstruction,” “Strategies of Black Slaves on Plantations,” “Rhetorical Status of Blacks After Freedom” (with Thurmon Garner) and “Communicative Interaction in Harriet Ann Jacob’s Slave Narrative” (with Eugene Miller). He was awarded the Creative Research Medal by the UGA Foundation for his analysis of Southern discourse.