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New book explores Florentine art, science

Renaissance Art and Science @ Florence
Susan B. Puett and J. David Puett
Truman State University Press
eBook: $29.99 (color images) Paperback: $35 (black and white images)

The creativity of the human mind was brilliantly displayed during the ­Florentine Renaissance when artists, mathematicians, astronomers, ­apothecaries, medical doctors, architects and others embraced the interconnectedness of their disciplines.

Artists used mathematical perspective in painting and scientific techniques to create new materials, and hospitals used art to invigorate the soul. Art enhanced depictions of scientific observations, and innovators in construction made buildings canvases for artistic grandeur.

Renaissance Art and Science @ Florence covers these topics and others, with a focus in each case on the intersection of art and science/technology in the broadest sense.

The book was written by David and Susan Puett. David is Regents Professor and emeritus head of UGA’s biochemistry and molecular biology department, which is based in Franklin College. Susan is the author of one historical book and ­numerous poetic works that have appeared in various journals.