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New book focuses on US Latino education

U.S. Latinos and Education Policy: Research-Based Directions for Change
Edited by Pedro R. Portes, Spencer Salas, Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Paula J. Mellom
Hardcover: $155 Paperback: $48.95

Going beyond just exposing educational inequalities, U.S. Latinos and Education Policy provides intelligent and pragmatic research-based policy directions and tools for change for U.S. Latino education and other multicultural contexts.

The volume, which offers a near comprehensive view on the challenges Latino students face throughout various levels of the U.S. education system, is organized around three themes: education as both product and process of social and historical events and practices; the experiences of young immigrants in schools in both U.S. and international settings and policy approaches to address their needs; and situated perspectives on learning among immigrant students across school, home and community.

Editors include UGA’s Pedro R. Portes, the Goizueta Foundation Distinguished Professor in Latino Teacher Education and executive director of the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education, and Paula J. Mellom, associate director for CLASE.