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New book illustrates rare Georgia plants

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Georgia By Linda G. Chafin, featuring photographs
by Hugh and Carol Nourse, illustrations by Jean C. Putnam Hancock
University of Georgia Press

Linda Chafin, a conservation botanist at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, has conducted rare plant surveys throughout the Southeast to produce the new book, Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Georgia. The guide is abundantly illustrated with more than 400 color photographs and 200 detailed drawings.

This comprehensive guide to the state’s rare and endangered plants provides photographs and botanical illustrations in a single volume formatted for field use. More than 200 species are covered, including two dozen that are federally listed and 170-plus that are listed as threatened, endangered, rare or of special concern by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The guide is designed for easy, nontechnical identification of species in the field. Color photographs show the plants in their natural surroundings, and drawings emphasize the most distinctive parts of the plants.

Packed with information about the plants as well as their habitats and management, the guide facilitates the quick recognition of rare species, encourages awareness and provides guidelines for ensuring their survival..