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New faculty and staff meal plan available for 2016-17 academic year

UGA has announced a new meal plan option designed for faculty and staff members. Available for the 2016-17 academic year, the new plan aims to provide faculty and staff the convenience of dining on campus at a reduced average meal cost.

“The University of Georgia offers award-winning campus dining,” said President Jere W. Morehead. “I am pleased that our faculty and staff will now have an additional incentive to remain on campus at meal times and contribute to the community atmosphere of the dining commons.”

The 10-block plan allows participants to eat 10 meals in any of the five dining commons for $9.20 per meal plus tax for a total of $98.44—an 18 percent savings on the regular cost of lunch and a 40 percent savings on the regular cost of dinner. Additional blocks can be purchased in 10-block increments at any time. The blocks do not expire.

Paw Points may be added to an individual’s plan in 50-point increments. Paw Points are redeemable at any UGA Food Services location, including retail cafes, eateries and on-campus Coca-Cola machines. One Paw Point is redeemable for one dollar’s worth of food and beverages. Points remain active for one calendar year past the customer’s last purchase.

Sales of the faculty and staff meal plan will begin June 1 at which time faculty and staff members can call the Food Services Administration office at 706-542-7130 or visit to purchase a plan. The university is working to allow faculty and staff to use after-tax payroll deduction as a form of payment. This option is expected to be available by the fall 2016 semester.

“Food Services is excited to offer this new and affordable meal plan to faculty and staff,” said Interim Executive Director of Food Services Bryan Varin. “We welcome all members of our campus community in our dining commons and hope that faculty and staff will take this opportunity to dine with us on a regular basis. Our dining commons offer a wide variety of options that we believe will meet the dining needs of everyone on campus.”

For more information about the new plan, call the Food Services Administration Office at 706-542-7130 or visit