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New Fellows Program gives faculty experience in academic leadership

Senior administrators and deans of all UGA schools and colleges have been invited to nominate individuals for the recently instituted Administrative Fellows Program, which provides a unique opportunity for faculty to work closely with select senior administrators at the university to gain knowledge and experience in the area of academic leadership.

The program is part of a broader initiative of the Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium known as the Academic Leadership Development Program. In addition to working with senior administrators at UGA, fellows will participate in two workshops hosted by different participating schools each year.

The 2008-09 workshops are scheduled for Oct. 20–22 at the University of South Carolina and Feb. 25–27, 2009, at the University of Arkansas and will address such topics as conflict resolution, emergency preparedness, structure and operations, budgeting, accreditation and accountability.

“The mission of this SECAC program  is to expose faculty interested in administration to the challenges and rewards of such institutional service and to prepare them for potential leadership positions,” said Provost Arnett C. Mace Jr., who served as the first SECAC chair when the organization was created in 2005 to bolster academic programs at the 12 SEC member schools.

Three Administrative Fellows will be selected at UGA for 2008-09. Nominees must be tenured faculty members or have a standing appointment as service or administrative faculty. They are expected to possess strong leadership experience, outstanding records of achievement in current and past positions, and a sincere interest in administrative service.

The fellows selected will have the opportunity to work with Mace and/or other members of the university’s senior administration, depending on their specific area of interest, as well as administrative needs. During their fellowship term, they will be placed on a one-year leave of absence from their faculty appointments and will be relieved of all teaching, research, committee or other assignments related to those appointments. Fellows will continue to receive their regular salaries, plus an administrative supplement.

“My experience as an Administrative Fellow has been extraordinarily rewarding, and has provided me with a much greater appreciation for and understanding of the challenging and vital role that the senior administration plays at UGA,” said Lonnie Brown, the inaugural Administrative Fellow in the Provost’s Office. He will serve on the selection committee for the 2008-09 fellows, along with UGA’s three senior vice presidents.

The deadline for submitting nomination letters and application forms is 5 p.m. Feb. 22. All materials should be sent to the Administrative Fellows Selection Committee, in care of the Provost’s Office in the Administration Building.  Questions regarding the program or the selection process can be addressed to Brown at (706) 542-5806 or