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New UGAAlert desktop app

An updated version of UGAAlert desktop notification software is available on the EITS software page ( under the section for UGAAlert. To receive UGAAlert notices on a computer, the updated version must be installed as previous versions no longer work.

If a UGAAlert notice is distributed, computers with the new app will display the alert as a large pop-up message on the screen as well as an audio notification. More information about the emergency will be posted at

The UGAAlert desktop app is another means of being notified in addition to voice phone calls, text messaging and emails. It is ideal for classrooms or meetings where a computer is used to project information on a screen. Everyone in the room can be notified through the pop-up message.

The app is available for Mac and PC for the Athens and Gwinnett campuses. Instructions on how to install the app are available on the UGAAlert page on the EITS website.

Some UGA departments require an IT professional to install software on university-owned computers. Any UGA employees who need help installing the UGAAlert desktop app should contact their department’s IT staff for assistance.

For more information about the UGAAlert Desktop Program, contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at 706-542-5845 or