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New Web-based system to help manage degree requirements

Academic advisers and students at UGA will soon have access to a comprehensive set of Web-based tools to help manage degree requirements and track progress to graduation.

The university has contracted with SunGard Higher Education to utilize its DegreeWorks program, which will be phased in throughout the next year. DegreeWorks replaces an outdated system (DARS) and was recommended by a University System of Georgia committee on enhanced advising practices last year. It is currently being piloted at several USG institutions.

“The program offers features to improve advising, encourage student understanding of and responsibility for their academic programs, and assist departments in course scheduling,” said Ann Crowther, associate vice president for instruction and chair of UGA’s Academic Advising Coordinating Council.

“Once all modules of DegreeWorks have been implemented, academic department heads and deans will have easy access to information that will assist in scheduling necessary courses as well as provide cumulative data on specific courses that have been used to meet various requirements,” said registrar Rebecca Macon.

Implementation is scheduled to begin this month. The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences will be the first to use DegreeWorks with a target date of mid- March. The plan is for DegreeWorks to be available to all undergraduate programs by mid fall, according to Macon.

“I appreciate the provost’s support of a new system that will provide advisers with more complete and accurate academic information for our students, particularly those pursuing multiple majors and minors,” said Jere Morehead, vice president for instruction. “I believe this more advanced system will provide advisers the time to mentor students and discuss more challenging electives or graduate and professional school opportunities.”