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No earthquake impact in Cortona, Italy

At approximately 3:30 a.m. local time Wednesday, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy, causing damage and casualties in areas along the borders between the regions of Umbria, Marche and Lazio. The University of Georgia’s International Residential Center in Cortona (Arezzo), located about100 miles northwest of the reported epicenter of the earthquake, was not affected by the incident. All structures and buildings in Cortona have been reported stable and secure. The center is currently unoccupied, but expecting the arrival of the UGA Cortona Fall Italian Studies Program on Aug. 27.

“The Italian earthquake institute (INGV) has reported many aftershocks following the first quake, the strongest at 5.5. The initial earthquake was said to have been felt as far away as Rome. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the communities and families affected by the earthquake. Our hearts go out to our host country, especially areas already in the rebuilding process from previous earthquake damage.”

— Chris Robinson, Director
UGA International Residential Center, Cortona, Italy