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Observatory open house

The department of physics and astronomy will host its first monthly observatory open house of the 2011-2012 stargazing season Sept. 23 from 9-10 p.m. on the roof of the physics building.

Several telescopes will be trained on stars, including Albireo, a set of two stars in the constellation of Cygnus. Faculty and students from the physics and astronomy department will be on hand to point out constellations and other astronomical sights as well as answer visitors’ questions. In the event of cloudy skies, Scott Shaw, emeritus professor in the physics and astronomy department, will deliver a talk on “Dark Matter” in Room 202 of the physics building.

Observatory open houses are held monthly during fall and spring semesters. Upcoming open houses will be held Oct. 21, Nov. 17 and Dec. 2. For more information, see