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Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness offers guidebook

The Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness has produced a pocket-sized emergency response guidebook, which is available to the campus community.

The guidebook features emergency contact numbers, information on preparing for emergencies and information on local emergency notification systems. Instructions on reacting to emergencies ranging from civil disturbances to suspicious packages to chemical spills is provided in the flip book.

In an active shooter situation, OSEP recommends calling 911 or the UGA Police at (706) 542-2200, not pulling the fire alarm. Flee the area if possible, or barricade the door. Take action only as a last resort, if your life is in imminent danger.

For campus medical emergencies, contact 911 or the UGA Police and stay on the phone for instructions on how to assist. Send a responsible person to meet the first responders and lead them to the injured. Several UGA buildings are equipped with defibrillators.

For earthquakes, the guidebook recommends taking cover under a desk, chair, table, hallway or between seating rows in a lecture hall. If outside, move to an open area away from buildings. Do not re-enter buildings until they have been deemed safe by first responders or other officials.

The book also features information on evacuating people with disabilities and a list of contacts for dealing with students in distress. To request a guidebook, contact OSEP at (706) 542-5845 or