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OneUSG Connect guide for faculty and staff available

Beginning in December, UGA faculty and staff will notice changes to several employee processes, including pay date changes, accessing pay stubs, requesting leave, approving time and more.

If you have questions about these changes and how they might affect you, visit EITS’ online OneSource Faculty and Staff Guide at

The guide details the changes that will take effect when the OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service site goes live on Dec. 16.

These changes include changes to pay dates, the process for requesting and approving leave and the process for inputting and approving time.

Changes regarding pay dates are below.

• Monthly and Academic

— Monday, Dec. 31, will be the December 2018 pay date for monthly and academic faculty/staff.

— In future years, the pay date will be on the last business day of the month.

— No early pay dates.

• Biweekly

  All pay dates will be on Fridays starting January 2019.

— Friday, Jan. 4, will be the first Friday pay date for biweekly staff.

— No early pay dates.

Details regarding the other changes are provided in the guide.

The guide also contains a list of key dates for the transition to OneUSG Connect:

• October 2018: Training registration

• November and December 2018: Ongoing training for all employees

• Dec. 16: OneUSG Connect system go-live

• Dec. 31:  UGA open; monthly and academic pay date

• Jan. 4:  Biweekly, first pay date in new system

The guide will be updated periodically until the OneUSG Connect system goes live on Dec. 16.