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Online to-do list offered to all freshmen, transfers

The college application process proves to be nerve-wracking for some students and their parents. But being accepted is just the beginning. With the college acceptance letter comes joy, relief and, in some cases, anxiety about what to do next.  As a part of  UGA’s ongoing effort to offer unprecedented levels of customer service and create the best student experience in higher education, the 2007-2008 New Dawg checklist is now available to all freshmen and transfer students (

The New Dawg checklist is the result of a collaborative effort by the Registrar’s Office, Department of University Housing, Office of Student Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Auxiliary Services and came about as a result of concerns expressed by students who were looking for a comprehensive list of tasks to accomplish prior to enrollment. The checklist guides students chronologically through such essential steps as applying for housing, applying for financial aid, creating a MyID and e-mail account, among other pre-enrollment activities. Since the checklist is Web based, it provides links to all pertinent information and forms.

“This project has been particularly rewarding because it has allowed us to provide more timely and accurate information to students in the format they wish to receive it,” said Susan Little, director of the Office of Financial Aid. “We look forward to continued updating and involvement with this project.”

The offices that deal directly with incoming students have noticed fewer inquiries and cases of students simply being lost in the process. An anonymous survey was administered to students who used the checklist last year, and their responses have been positive. 

“We have been exceptionally pleased with the students’ responses to the electronic survey, which asked for their help in assessing the success of the checklist,” said Little. “There were literally hundreds of positive comments from the students who responded.  We were also pleased to have students who took time to report what would make the checklist more helpful, and we are working to implement their suggestions.”

Little and other group members are now sharing the New Dawg checklist  with colleagues around the region. The checklist has the potential for expanded use as it will be posted on other UGA Web pages for added convenience.

In response to University System Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr.’s challenge to make campus services faster, friendlier and easier to access, UGA faculty and staff also are employing other customer service improvements including 24-hour dining, the booknow© program, the continuation of the  Cooperative Extension 1-800 number and the development of Human Resources customer service courses.