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Order of importance

Your birth order can have an impact on your love life, according to experts.

Oldest children tend to be intelligent and responsible high-achievers who are good with organization and responsibilities, in addition to having nurturing and caring tendencies, which can serve them well in relationships.

If compromise is the cornerstone of a good relationship, middle children have a leg up on other birth order types. They’re natural-born peacemakers, Linda Campbell, a faculty member in the College of Education, told the Huffington Post.

“Middle children learn to become adaptable and are often very diplomatic and good at negotiating because of their dealings with older and younger children,” said Campbell, a professor in the college’s counseling and human development department. “Fairness is very important to them.”

Youngest children are often attention seekers, risk takers and charmers. In relationships, youngest children tend to be playful and spontaneous and they’re easy to be around, Campbell said. On the negative side, they often expect others to make decisions for them and can be a little too flighty for some partners.

Children with no siblings are conventional, responsible and dependable but because they always had their parents’ attention, only children sometimes can be needy and demanding in love.