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Physical plant’s green cleaning practices earn certification

UGA is one of only two universities in the country to earn the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Certification with Honors.

The award recognizes work by the building services department, part of physical plant, in the 28 buildings on North Campus that comprise UGA’s new “Green Corridor.” The University of Michigan is the other institution that has obtained this distinction from the International Sanitary Supply Association.

CIMS applies to the management, operations and performance systems of cleaning organizations. Compliance with the standard demonstrates that a cleaning operation is structured to deliver consistent, quality services designed to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Physical plant division staff submitted documentation supporting its compliance with the requirements described in the five key sections of the standard: quality systems; service delivery; human resources; health, safety and environmental stewardship; and management commitment. An independent, accredited assessor conducted an on-site review of the university’s systems, processes and documentation to ensure compliance. This process included interviews with services department customers from the North Campus “Green Corridor.”