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Plant trees and shrubs with success

How a shrub or tree is planted determines whether it dies, struggles to grow or takes off and thrives. Here are some tips to keep your landscape luscious.

• Check the root system when you remove the plant from its pot. If roots are circling inside the pot and/or crossing over one another, prune at the crossover so the roots will grow outward.

• When digging the hole that will become the plant’s new home, make sure it is two to three times wider than the size of the root diameter.

• Do not overwater after planting. Since the plant is freshly set, its root system is still quite small. Plants need both water and air around their roots, so the soil should not be too wet.

• Do not apply fertilizers in the planting hole or too early after planting. Place some composted manure in the planting hole and you likely will not run into problems. When the top of the plant starts growing, this indicates the roots have grown.