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Police chief cleared of harassment

An investigation by the legal affairs office has cleared UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson after an employee alleged that he violated the university’s non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy.

The investigation was conducted after Lt. Roderick Platt filed a complaint last month claiming that Williamson’s behavior and management style created a hostile working environment that fostered low morale.

In a letter to Williamson dated Aug. 12, Stephen Shewmaker, executive director of legal affairs, said, “I have interviewed over twenty people and based upon those interviews, I have determined that you have not violated this policy.”

Shewmaker recommended that Williamson “explore opportunities to learn about different management styles and incorporate them into your present duties.” 

He also suggested that the full police department undergo training on the university’s non-­discrimination and anti-harassment policy, and that Williamson and Platt participate in mediation to resolve any differences that remain.