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Police department honors its own at annual awards program

Police Awards
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The UGA Police Department honored its officers and staff at the recent annual awards recognition event.

Among the officers honored for 2013 were SPO Jimmy Simons, who was named Police Department Employee of the Year. Simons and Cpl. Kale Duffell were named Uniformed Officers of the Year. Cpl. John Gagliano was named the Plain Clothes Officer of the Year; CO Kay Hassler was named Communications Officer of the Year; and Twanda Griffeth was recognized as the Administration/Support Employee of the Year.

The Top Gun Award, which represents the highest combined average during annual firearms qualifications, was presented to Officer David Lynn, Cpl. Brandon Cain and Sgt. Johnny Seawright. During the annual firearms qualifications, Cain and Seawright tied with an overall average of 99.3 percent.

The Excellence in Marksmanship Award, given to every officer who averages a 90 percent or higher score during annual qualification exercises, was presented to 27 officers. Award recipients are Sgt. Allan Hatcher, SPO Chris Storey, Sgt. Dustin Smith, Officer Joel Fleming, Sgt. Johnny Seawright, SPO Matt Browning, SPO Ronald Francis, Officer Thomas Haas, Sgt. Virgil Stephens, Cpl. Andrew Mahaney, Officer David Lynn, Cpl. Glenn Cowan, Officer James Hickey, Sgt. Lashawn Blake, Cpl. Matt Mortensen, Officer Rachel O’Brien, Officer T.J. Truax, Sgt. Will Graham, Cpl. Brandon Cain, SPO Daniel Saunders, Sgt. Greg Williams, SPO Josh Robinson, Sgt. Lance Tipton, Cpl. Matt Rice, Sgt. Rusty Williams, Cpl. Ty Vickery and Brian Nelson.

Seventeen police department employees earned the Command Staff Award, which is given to those who set an example for others on the police force. Award recipients are Capt. Dan Silk, ACC Kim Firman, SPO Jason Davis, Cpl. John Gagliano, Twanda Griffeth, Lt. Jeff Hammock, Cpl. Glenn Cowan, Sgt. Ty Fulcher, Wesley Durkit, Sgt. Michael Pennington, Sgt. Johnny Seawright, SPO Matt Browning, Cpl. Andrew Mahaney, Sgt. Rusty Williams, SPO Chris Martin, Cpl. Kevin Thompson and Brian Nelson.

“The recipients for this award were nominated by shift commanders from divisions of the department,” said Police Chief Jimmy Williamson. “These individuals have displayed the effort and attitude that all personnel are encouraged to strive for.”